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He Said What?

Taking a page out of the Roy Williams playbook, Jon Kitna had an interesting answer to the question of what Detroit's record would be in 2007.

"In wins and losses?" Kitna said. "I really think we should not win any less than 10 games this year, to be honest."

"The way the team got better in terms of who's coming and who's going this offseason, I'd say anything less than 10 wins would be a disappointment," Kitna said.

I like the mindset that Kitna is in, but the only thing that matters is out on the field.  I would be more than shocked if Detroit reached the 10-win mark next season.  The chances of that happening, heck, even getting to .500, is not very good.

Kitna also had some comments on the possibility of drafting Calvin Johnson with the #2 overall pick.

"Hands down, they're saying this guy is the best guy in the draft -- best receiver to come out in years," Kitna said today during the fourth day of voluntary off-season workouts. "So if you're sitting there at two and he's available, and you're going to use that pick, why not?"

Roy Williams is thinking the same thing.
"If we score more in the red zone, we'll win 10 more ball games," Williams said. "We get in the red zone (last season) and it was kind of like we didn't know what to do. So hopefully this year, if we take the big man [Calvin Johnson] at No. 2, you know, we can throw it out to him, too."

I doubt the Lions would draft another wide receiver this high in the draft, but remember, anything is possible with Matt Millen.

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