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Rogers Attends Offseason Workout Program; On Trading Block?

Earlier today the Denver Post had an interesting tidbit regarding Lions defensive tackle Shaun Rogers.  Here's the blurb in one of the paper's stories.

There is talk the Lions will shop defensive lineman Shaun Rogers, and the Broncos would be a logical spot for him.

This isn't the first time I've heard that the Lions could be looking to deal Shaun Rogers, but it is the first time I've seen it mentioned in an actual paper.  Rod Marinelli has already weeded out many players that don't have the right mindset, and in the last week it became evident that Rogers and Marinelli weren't on the same page.  That is where this speculation likely comes from.

After reading the Denver Post story earlier today and thinking that there actually may be a possibility of Rogers being traded, other news comes in that doesn't necessarily change what was reported earlier, but may change things between Rogers and Marinelli.

Defensive tackle Shaun Rogers reported to the Detroit Lions' offseason workout program Monday, one week later than most of his teammates but soon enough to satisfy coach Rod Marinelli that he means business.

Marinelli is attending the NFL's annual meetings and got an update on Rogers from the coaching staff at the team's headquarters in Allen Park.

"They said he's working," Marinelli said Monday. "He's upbeat and ready to roll."

It certainly seems that no one is happier than coach Rod Marinelli.  When Rogers failed to attend the offseason conditioning program when it began a week ago, Marinelli definitely did sound upset.  He stated that although the program was voluntary, he wanted all of his players to be there.  Rogers and fellow defensive tackle Cory Redding were the only ones missing.  Redding was absent as he isn't under contract right now and Rogers just chose to stay in Texas to continue rehabbing his injuries after having various surgeries in the offseason.

We'll have to see if this changes anything, but if Rogers doesn't begin to show a different and more dedicated attitude, then he very well may be traded.  I imagine the Lions could get a pretty good package in return as Rogers is a great player (which contradicts the entire purpose of trading him).  With the draft a month away, this is when a trade would happen.  It would be likely that a couple of draft picks and maybe even a player would come in return, but we'll worry about that only if something else develops.

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