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Scouting Report on Kevin Curtis

Rams wide receiver Kevin Curtis is expected to visit Detroit today, and I feel like a deal may soon follow.  Curtis has been a near-lock to go to the Lions for some time now as he would be reuniting with Mike Martz.  If a deal does happen, it would give Detroit three solid receivers, leaving Mike Williams and others to battle it out for the fourth spot.

To find out what exactly Curtis brings to the table, I had VanRam of Turf Show Times, the Rams blog at SBN, write a scouting report on him.  Take a look and make sure to check out Turf Show Times while you're at it.

Kevin Curtis is proof that you can get a quality wide receiver after the first two rounds of the draft. Picked 74th overall in 2003, the Utah State saw a broken leg in preseason that year derail plans to make him the #3 WR in his rookie season. Nevertheless, he flashed his potential in 2005 with Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt both missing some time due to injury. That season, Curtis posted career best numbers in the major categories, including 6 TDs and 801 yards. He averaged 13.4 yards per catch that season, and averages 12.6 for his career.

He's quick, has sticky hands that would make a center fielder green with envy. Curtis also has a nice level or field intelligence which translates into him running routes pretty well. Working in the slot, he burns LBs and Safeties left to cover him one-on-one, and his sticky hands make him a dangerous tool for mid-range passes from the slot. This is why Martz liked him so much in the first place for his air power driven offenses in St. Louis, and I'll bet a big reason why the Lions are interested in him this spring.

Throughout the season it's been widely assumed that Curtis was leaving St. Louis so that he could become a #1 or #2 WR somewhere else. He was not going to get that chance in St. Louis with Holt and Bruce on the team. Scott Linehan, now in his second season and working to reshape the team into his own, likes a bigger, stronger guy in the slot - Curtis is 5' 11" 186 lbs - which is why the Rams are willing to let him go, much more so than the money (hence their interest in the 6' 5" Drew Bennett to replace Curtis).

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