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Friday Notes

**The Lions' #2 overall draft pick is generating much interest throughout the NFL.  I truly hope a deal does happen that allows Detroit to trade down and pick up a few more draft picks later on. That is the best case scenario in my head.

**Jon McGraw agreed to a two-year contract with the Chiefs.  McGraw played in Detroit for the previous two seasons.

**Detroit continues to show interest in trading for Chiefs quarterback Trent Green.  Green could end up in Detroit but I think this is a smokescreen right now.  There isn't really a reason to trade for Green at this point.  Talking about it helps generate more interest in the #2 pick though, so the idea is good.

**I'm still thinking about the mock draft selection for the Lions.  I'm still looking to trade down and am waiting to hear back from a few choices, but if that doesn't happen expect a pick to be made around noon-ish today.  

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