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Free Agency Notes: Curtis Deal Not Done Yet

  • It's Monday and there is still no deal done with Kevin Curtis.  Despite the speculation all weekend that Curtis and the Lions had agreed to one and were just working out the final pieces of it, nothing has become official yet.  Reports state that Curtis is staying over night in Detroit.  I imagine things will become official soon enough today.  Of course, I've been saying that since Friday, so who knows anymore.  If, for some reason, nothing is done by Tuesday, then I'd start worrying.

  • Two free agents are coming in to visit the Lions today.
    The Lions continued to court Kevin Curtis. Another free agent Rams receiver, Shaun McDonald, is scheduled to visit Monday. He contacted the Lions because he is interested in reuniting with offensive coordinator Mike Martz, who used to coach in St. Louis. Free agent running back T.J. Duckett told the Associated Press he would visit the Lions Monday before visiting the Jets on Tuesday. "I know the Lions made a trade for a running back, so I'm curious what their plans are," Duckett said.

    What exactly does this mean?  First, let's look at the possibility of Shaun McDonald coming in and being signed.  There are a few ways to analyze this move.  One, it might be to add some pressure to Kevin Curtis, basically saying to sign on the dotted line or be passed over by a teammate.  Two, the Lions could be bringing McDonald to town in case the Curtis deal does fall through.  Finally, McDonald could be signed along with Curtis.  McDonald would likely be the #4 receiver as he is familiar with the Mike Martz offense.  If that did happen, then say goodbye to Mike Williams.  BMW would never see the field with three Martz descendants and Roy Williams in front of him.

    Moving on to T.J. Duckett, the former Michigan State standout, there is speculation to be sorted through regarding him as well.  If Duckett were signed, it could mean the Lions are considering trading Tatum Bell, which rumors have suggested he would go to the Giants. Duckett becoming a Lion could mean that Kevin Jones might not be back until later than expected, so it would add another insurance policy.  Also, Duckett might be signed to simply add another solid running back.  Brian Calhoun went down suddenly with an injury last year during a practice and Shawn Bryson may have to play fullback, so the need for a third running back very well may be there.

  • The rumor I posted yesterday about the possibility of the Lions and Jets making a trade involving Jonathan Vilma appears to be nothing more than a rumor.
    There is all kinds of talk, blogs and posts out there about ESPN's John Clayton supposedly mentioning a possible trade between the Lions and Jets that would involve Detroit's second overall pick for linebacker Jonathan Vilma and assorted draft picks.

    "What? I never said a word about it. I've never mentioned Jonathan Vilma,'' Clayton said moments ago.

    Ah, Internet rumors. At least this one got shot down before it grew into a monster.

    A trade like that did seem a little hard to believe.  I wish it were somewhat true though. The options that would come with making a trade with the Jets are really in great number. It would open up the draft for Detroit, that's certain.
  • I missed this last week, but better late than never. The Lions re-signed linebacker Alex Lewis to a three-year deal. This comes after there was some speculation that he was going to be dealt to the Bills. This is a good move by Detroit as it brings back depth at a position in need of it.

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