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Kevin Curtis Fires His Agent

It's Monday night and the Lions still haven't signed wide receiver Kevin Curtis.  Despite much speculation that he would've been signed much earlier, no contract has been inked and Curtis has apparently left Detroit for his home in Salt Lake City. Not only that, but he has also fired Tom Condon, his agent.

NFL sources said Curtis fired his agent, Tom Condon.

Condon did not respond to an e-mail requesting confirmation or comment. A phone message left at Condon's office was not returned.

If a player fires his agent, he can sign with an NFL team on his own. But he must wait five business days to sign with another agent, NFL players association spokesman Carl Francis said.

I'm not exactly sure what this means now.  Curtis could go ahead and come up with a deal by himself or wait the five days, hire a new agent, and then try to work out a contract again.  Until then, it doesn't appear that he will take his visit that was scheduled with the Giants tomorrow.

I really am surprised that Curtis left Detroit without a deal.  The problem with his agent may be the reason behind this.  Condon also represents Brady Quinn and was busy with him over the weekend during his Pro Day workout.

We'll just have to wait for this situation to play out.  It certainly is more complicated than I would've ever expected.  Also, don't be shocked if Shaun McDonald, another Rams receiver who visited Detroit today, ends up getting signed.  He would be picked up in case Curtis doesn't get signed and even if the original prospect does, then it would just add another solid receiver.

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