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Reason Behind Curtis Firing Condon

The ongoing saga that is the attempt at signing Kevin Curtis got even more bizarre on Monday when Curtis suddenly fired his agent, Tom Condon.  You wouldn't expect a player to fire his agent during free agency, led alone when negotiating a deal with a team that you want to go to. However, it appears that Curtis just had enough of Condon.  PFT has an idea of why the firing happened:

It's our understanding that Curtis wanted to get a deal done, but that Condon was pushing for more money.  If that's true, it's consistent with Condon's reputation for not always deferring to his client's wishes.

If that is the case then I would say it is good news for the Lions.  Basically, Curtis wants to play for Detroit and the only problem was working out the details of the contract.  The client, Kevin Curtis, wanted to get things worked out so he could be signed, but his agent, Tom Condon, tried pushing the Lions' limits.  Fortunately, Detroit didn't go along with it and possibly overpay Curtis as they obviously denied Condon's efforts.  Being fed up with the whole situation, Curtis then fires Condon, which brings us to this point.

What's next exactly?  Kevin Curtis apparently is back home in Salt Lake City.  I doubt he will be taking any visits in the next coming days, but you never know.  I've been wrong about this whole situation over every single day.  I expected a deal and nothing every happened.  

Hoping that I'm not wrong on this prediction, I will say that I truly believe Curtis ends up signing with Detroit.  How long will it take?  That I have no idea on.  Curtis could decide to negotiate the contract himself in the next few days to get things done, or he could wait to find a new agent and then sign.

Don't blink because a new piece of news regarding Curtis could come out at any second.

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