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More News on Curtis, Others

  • Some news on Kevin Curtis' situation:
    Curtis is expected to hire the Tollner cousins, Bruce and Ryan, which he has not done yet, nor can he. Under the NFL Players Association guidelines, a player must wait five days from the time he fires an agent until the time he hires another. Using those rules, Curtis could not hire the Tollners before March 10. If and when he does, the Tollners will represent Curtis well.

    But in the interim, Curtis is conducting business as usual, spending today in New York, visiting with Giants officials, whom he was supposed to meet with the night of March 5 before he decided to return to his home in Utah.

    Those who know Curtis say he would prefer to play for a West Coast team. Problem is, the San Francisco 49ers and San Diego Chargers haven't shown any interest in him. And teams that have dealt with Curtis over the past week have thought his judgment and actions awkward at best.

  • The now ex-Lion Terrence Holt has signed a five-year contract with the Arizona Cardinals.

  • The Giants reportedly have interest in acquiring Dre' Bly.
    The Giants are also reportedly one of a handful of teams trying to trade for cornerback Dre' Bly, who was dealt from the Lions to the Broncos last week. The Redskins and Saints are also in the mix with Washington remaining the most likely destination -- if Denver decides to deal the eight-year veteran.
Sorry for the short post, but for now I'm too busy to expand on anything.  More later if anything develops.

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