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Lions Draft Marcus McCauley with #34 Overall Pick in SB Nation Mock Draft

The 2007 SB Nation Mock Draft has made its way to the second round. After finishing the first round up yesterday, the Lions were back on the clock with the #34 overall selection. If you remember back a couple weeks ago, I traded down with Tampa Bay and drafted defensive end Gaines Adams in round one. That left the Lions with a dire need at the positions of middle linebacker and cornerback. With Detroit's second round pick, I chose to target the latter.

So, with the #34 overall pick of the 2007 SB Nation Mock Draft, the Detroit Lions select cornerback Marcus McCauley out of Fresno State. This pick wasn't too tough to make. From the moment I picked Gaines Adams in the first round, my strategy immediately moved on to my first second round pick. I knew the Lions needed a cornerback or middle linebacker, but in the end felt that there wasn't as much depth to my liking at CB. That meant that with my earlier second round pick I went the route of a CB as there will still be a few good players at MLB around when I go on the clock again with the #64 overall pick.

Why did I choose Marcus McCauley? Well, I felt that straight up, he was the best cornerback out there. There were a couple that went in the first round that I had hoped would fall to the second, but other teams drafted them before I had a shot. Also, I had a couple of other players in mind, but saw McCauley as the best fit for the Lions.

One of the things I like most about McCauley is his physical style of play, which is a big component of the Cover-2 defense. He also has great speed and size to compliment his other skills. If Detroit drafted McCauley in real life, I would definitely approve of it and would commend the Lions for doing so.

With my second pick of the draft out of the way, the strategy now focuses on pick #64, which I acquired from Tampa Bay by trading down in the first round. Obviously, I will focus on drafting a MLB now. That is another of the Lions' many needs that still needs to be addressed. I already have a list of four or five players in mind as I expect a few of them to be taken before I have a chance to. I'm holding out hope that two particular players will be available, but still have others in mind in case they are off the board before I get back on the clock.

I'll have a full update of the SB Nation Mock Draft up later today that looks back at the first round and shows who has been drafted in the second round.

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