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Trade with Denver Unlikely

The Denver Post is reporting that the Lions want to trade the #2 pick, but only want to do it if it is to a team in the top 10.

An NFL source says the Detroit Lions will trade their No. 2 overall draft pick, but will entertain offers only from teams with picks 3 through 10. That means the Broncos, with their No. 21 pick, likely are too far away to move up and get Johnson, the Georgia Tech star who is widely regarded as the draft's most cherished prize.

I agree with the Lions in the sense that pick #21 is too far down, but you still have to consider this offer.  Let's say that no one does want to trade up with the Lions and they are stuck at #2. Obviously, Detroit could then draft someone or go the route of Denver if they were still interested.

I'm just glad that the Lions are thinking it all through.  Staying in the top 10 after a trade down is important in order to select someone like Patrick Willis.  

Stay tuned for more updates.

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