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It All Depends on Oakland

For the past few weeks, I have greatly been discussing potential trade scenarios involving the Detroit Lions.  They all involve the #2 overall pick and what it would take for Detroit to move down.  One little thing that really hasn't been covered though is the fact that everything could change if Oakland doesn't play their part.

Nearly every trade scenario discussed revolves around Calvin Johnson being available at the #2 spot.  Everything talked about assumes he is, but with Al Davis at Oakland, you never know. Really, the Raiders control more of the draft than one might think.  Most of the talk of trades has surrounded Detroit and the #2 overall pick, but if Oakland decided to draft Calvin Johnson, then this would all be a waste of time.

When it comes down to it, I do believe the Raiders will draft JaMarcus Russell, or at least a quarterback.  Currently, rumors suggest that the Raiders are beginning preliminary contract negotiations with JaMarcus Russell, Calvin Johnson, and Brady Quinn.  Also, many insiders are saying that it'll be either Russell or Quinn as Oakland wants a QB.  That is great news for Detroit if true.

It is no secret that Detroit wants to trade down and out of the #2 overall spot, and any chance of that happening relies on Calvin Johnson being there to advertise the pick.  With Johnson available, many teams will be looking to move up to select the standout receiver.  Tampa Bay and Atlanta have been two teams that really would be the most likely trading partners, and even Denver has made two offers to get the #2 pick.  Take C.J. out of the equation and Detroit is really stuck at #2.

What I wonder is what would be the more interesting situation.  On one side of things, you have the Lions entertaining all of the trade possibilities, but on the opposite side, if Oakland surprised people and drafted Johnson, then the entire top of the draft would change.  Cleveland could look to move up a spot to get Russell, and even another team might inquire.  Heck, Detroit could opt to take the QB at that point.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that speculation or predicting has greatly depended on the fact that Calvin Johnson will not be taken #1 overall.  We all need to take a step back though and think about more than one outcome at #1 before looking at what Detroit will do.

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