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2007 NFL Draft Scenario #1: Staying Put at #2

Pride of Detroit looks at the Detroit Lions' many options when it comes to making a pick or trading down in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft.

Although most of the talk regarding the Lions' #2 overall selection has been focused on a trade, the first scenario we will look at involves doing absolutely nothing in relation to moving down.

Everybody, including myself, has really been lost in the rumors and speculation that the Lions will trade down. As much as I want that to happen, it is not a guarantee at all. Matt Millen could find out that no teams are willing to move up to #2 due to him asking for too much or just because there isn't that great of a want for Calvin Johnson.

Assuming the Lions don't move down, let's look at that scenario to see what would then happen. It all starts with who Oakland selects with the #1 overall pick. The general consensus is that the Raiders will draft JaMarcus Russell, but again, there are no guarantees. First though, we will go with Russell being taken by Oakland.

With no trade, there are really three players that I think the Lions will choose from when it comes to making a pick at the #2 spot. Those players are Calvin Johnson, Gaines Adams, and Joe Thomas. All three have a huge amount of talent and would be a great addition to any team, especially the Lions.

Despite all of the jokes that would come out due to past drafts, I really think Matt Millen will go the route of taking Calvin Johnson if he is available and no trade occurs. Johnson is the most talented player in the draft, and although he doesn't fill a need or fit into the Lions' offense at this time, he would make an impact. Plus, drafting Johnson would keep the trade options open a bit longer. I'm sure Millen would still be working the phone lines and discussing trades with other teams even after the pick. It could turn into a situation that is somewhat similar to the Chargers drafting Eli Manning and trading him to the Giants.

Even if a trade still couldn't be worked out after the selection is made, getting "stuck" with Calvin Johnson isn't too bad of a deal. Many will say that it is just another WR destined to be a bust, but he is far more talented than Charles Rogers and Mike Williams were at this point in their careers.

Looking away from the WR position, Matt Millen may find that filling a need is the better option. Going down that road would mean drafting Gaines Adams or Joe Thomas. Thomas was the consensus pick for the Lions for the longest time, but that has since changed. Gaines Adams has also been mentioned in many mock drafts as being a player that Detroit could draft. Adams would fill the need at defensive end and would fit into the Cover-2 defense as a pass-rusher.

In the end, I hope it doesn't come down to Detroit making at pick at #2. If the right deal is on the table, then trading down makes much more sense. You don't get stuck taking a player that doesn't really fit a need or may be considered a reach. Plus, you pick up extra picks in later rounds that would greatly help to fill all of the needs on offense and defense. If it does come down to making a pick at #2, I see Millen taking Calvin Johnson. He is just too talented to pass up.

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