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2007 NFL Draft Scenario #2: Trading Down with Tampa Bay

Pride of Detroit looks at the Detroit Lions' many options when it comes to making a pick or trading down in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft.

When the idea of trading down first came out, Tampa Bay originally was the team most likely to move up in my mind.  They had expressed a great liking in Calvin Johnson and only would have to move up two spots to make the deal happen.  It certainly wouldn't be as big of a hit in their pockets as it would with Atlanta.  Tampa Bay probably would only need to give up one of their two second round picks if Millen couldn't find any other deals.

If you remember back to the early stages of the 2007 SB Nation Mock Draft, I actually did trade down with Tampa Bay.  In exchange for moving down to #4, I got the #64 overall pick of the draft.  That is the Buccaneers' second second-rounder and wouldn't likely be enough to complete a trade in real life.  If it was their first second-rounder, then the story might be different.  

I really don't like the chances of a deal with Tampa Bay due to recent developments, but it wouldn't completely shock me if one went down.  Obviously, there's a chance that Detroit could get stuck with no deals but doesn't want to get stuck at #2.  They could in turn accept a lesser deal with Tampa Bay and still get a top 5 player.

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