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2007 NFL Draft Scenario #4: Oakland Screws It All Up

Pride of Detroit looks at the Detroit Lions' many options when it comes to making a pick or trading down in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft.

All of the scenarios discussed below are based on the Raiders drafting JaMarcus Russell.  Well, what if Oakland has something up their sleeves and take Calvin Johnson instead?  That would put the kibosh on any possible trades Detroit could accept.  On top of that, one of the Lions' main targets, Calvin Johnson, would be off the board.

Things would certainly take an interesting turn if C.J. went #1.  That would put the question out there of whether to take Gaines Adams or Joe Thomas, but could also put JaMarcus Russell's name out there.  Detroit does need a quarterback in the future, so could Russell be the answer? He has the talent to be considered as the top pick of the draft, so I would say so.  Russell would also be great at dodging all of the defenders the faulty offensive line lets in.

When Oakland does go on the clock and makes a decision, let's all hope that JaMarcus Russell is named as the pick.  That opens up the door for so many opportunities to get better that it is too good to pass up.  My opinion on this is that Oakland will take Russell, but don't be surprised if Al Davis does something surprising in the eleventh hour.  That might be a trade or taking someone other than Russell, but let's just be on the positive side of things for this.

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