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Pride of Detroit's 2007 NFL Draft Live-Blog (Round 1, Part 1)

Pride of Detroit will continually be analyzing and discussing everything draft related throughout the day in this live-blog.

12:00 PM: The draft is ready to start and I can't wait.  There is so much to keep track of right now regarding the Lions.  Will a trade happen or not?  We'll have to see.  Check back in all day here at POD for updates.

12:09 PM: It looks like BMW is on his way to Tennessee, stay tuned to see if it happens.

12:10 PM: The 2007 NFL Draft has officially started. Oakland is on the clock!

12:12 PM: Detroit is already receiving a ton of calls regarding the #2 pick. Let's hope that Oakland does actually take JaMarcus Russell first though, otherwise the whole thing is screwed for Detroit.

12:20 PM: Here's the first pick. Oakland takes JaMarcus Russell! DETROIT is now on the clock. Don't screw this up Millen.

12:24 PM: With Calvin Johnson still available (Thank God), expect Detroit to use all of its available time to go through all of the phone calls. I'm hoping for a trade at this point but wouldn't be disappointed in getting C.J. Of course, that is for now. If Johnson is taken by Detroit, he could still be traded later.

12:26 PM: Calvin Johnson is reacting to something. Did he just find out that Detroit has selected him? We'll see if a few minutes.

12:27 PM: 6:30 to go on the clock. The camera is still on C.J. at this point and there isn't much going on at the Lions' table. Obviously something is still being discussed as the pick isn't official yet.

12:29 PM: Detroit wants both second-rounders from Tampa Bay and it appears the Buccaneers don't want to do that right now. Still over 4 minutes to go on the clock.

12:30 PM: Here's the pick. Roger Goodell is about to announce it.

12:31 PM: Detroit selects Calvin Johnson. Hard to believe it's another receiver, but C.J. is too good to pass up at this point. Don't go away just yet though. Johnson still could be traded. We'll have to see what Tampa Bay does with the #4 pick.

12:32 PM: Take a good look at this picture. Depending on what happens in the coming hour, that may be the last time C.J. is with a Lions jersey.

12:34 PM: The ESPN analysts are greatly praising Calvin Johnson. Steve Young just compared him to Jerry Rice. Wouldn't mind if that turned out to happen.

12:35 PM: Mel Kiper has brought up the point that Detroit will probably target a QB in the second round. Assuming there are no trades, I really would like to get someone on defense rather than take a QB at this point.

12:36 PM: Cleveland is on the clock. The pick here will be either Brady Quinn or fisherman Joe Thomas. I have them taking Quinn in my mock draft.

12:38 PM: I just love that Joe Thomas decided to go fishing. He'll be sitting out on Lake Michigan when his name is called, which will be in the top 5 somewhere.

12:39 PM: Calvin Johnson is being interviewed right now. I love his character already. He seems like a charismatic guy and actually is excited to go to Detroit. Who would've thunk it? Plus, he emphasized working hard, which I'm sure Rod Marinelli will appreciate.

12:42 PM: Cleveland has drafted Joe Thomas, who is out fishing on Lake Michigan right now. Quinn could fall to Minnesota at #7 now if there isn't a trade by Miami to take him. If that were to happen it'd probably be with Arizona at this point since their main target is off the board. Tampa Bay is now on the clock. Thomas was one of their main targets. If Gaines Adams is the guy for Tampa Bay then a possible trade is still out there.

12:45 PM: Could Tampa Bay draft Brady Quinn and add yet another QB? This may be a smokescreen to trade out of the pick.

12:48 PM: Is ESPN trying to suggest something here? I don't want to hear about what Brady Quinn looks like without a shirt on.

12:54 PM: Tampa Bay has selected defensive end Gaines Adams. This still allows the chance of a trade. If Tampa Bay still wants Calvin Johnson bad enough then they'll have to give up what Detroit wants.

12:56 PM: Arizona is now on the clock. They're really in a bad situation. Will they take Levi Brown despite it being a reach? Could there be a trade?

1:04 PM: The Cardinals have selected offensive tackle Levi Brown. Brown is a reach, but Arizona needed a LT. This actually is exactly who Arizona selected in the 2007 SB Nation Mock Draft.

1:06 PM: Washington is on the clock. This is their only pick today and they would love to trade down. The Redskins will go defense (LaRon Landry, Jamaal Anderson or Amobi Okoye) if there isn't a trade.

1:13 PM: LaRon Landry is celebrating, so it appears he is going to be taken by Washington. Now Minnesota will probably pick between Brady Quinn and Adrian Peterson.

1:17 PM: Landry is the pick. Minnesota is now on the clock. This is a pick to look closely at since Minnesota is on Detroit's schedule twice a year. Will the Vikings take Brady Quinn at QB or Adrian Peterson at RB? If Quinn isn't the pick then he'll go to Miami at #9.

1:26 PM: Maybe Minnesota will miss their pick again. Hmm.

1:27 PM: Adrian Peterson is on the phone and is cracking a smile. It would appear from pure speculation that Minnesota has picked him.

1:28 PM: The pick is in. The Vikings have drafted Adrian Peterson. That puts Atlanta on the clock. Dolphins fans are going nuts right now in a good way. Miami didn't trade up and still will probably end up with Brady Quinn.

1:38 PM: Atlanta has selected Jamaal Anderson, DE out of Arkansas. Miami is now on the clock and likely will select Brady Quinn.

1:48 PM: The Dolphins are taking longer than I expected to make their pick. I'd be in shock if Quinn wasn't the pick, so it should come soon. I think I had Quinn falling this far in my first mock drafts. Those were actually more accurate. I just thought about it too much in the more recent ones.

1:51 PM: Holy shit. I'm am in complete, complete shock right now. The Dolphins have selected Ted Ginn Jr. out of Ohio State and the fall continues. I never would've guessed this. This fall is going to get worse than Leinart now. Could he fall to the Lions in the second round? Ok, not that far. But wow. The entire draft just got shook up now. Everyone is going to have to reevaluate their draft board now. This pick doesn't make any sense to me.

1:57 PM: I really feel sorry for Quinn now. He's got that camera stuck in his face while he loses millions of dollars and goes from being talked about as a possible #1 pick to the middle of the first round. I certainly don't believe it. Why do you take a wide receiver that is coming off of an injury when you have a chance to get the QB that the fans actually want.

2:07 PM: Houston drafts Amobi Okoye, the 19-year old from Louisville. San Francisco is on the clock. They could go a few different routes with this pick. I could see them taking a DE or DT, but we'll have to see. One thing that is for sure, Quinn won't be taken here. How long will he be on the board?

2:15 PM: That's a great gesture by Roger Goodell to invite Quinn to a private area where the media isn't allowed. I don't want to see the reaction as he falls farther down the first round, and I imagine Quinn doesn't want to be there as the camera is right on his face.

2:19 PM: San Francisco has selected Patrick Willis. Willis is one of the best defensive players in the draft in my opinion. Buffalo's pick would've probably been Willis if he was there, now they have to think about it. Marshawn Lynch could be the guy since there is a need for a RB.

2:27 PM: The Bills have selected Marshawn Lynch. This is making things interesting. Green Bay is someone to keep your eye on regarding Quinn. I know they have Rodgers, but just think about it. Lynch was their main target and is off the board. St. Louis is on the clock and also may be looking for a QB.

2:32 PM: A good point was brought up at PFT. Brady Quinn's brother-in-law is A.J. Hawk, the Packers' first round selection last year. Could the two end up on the same team?

2:40 PM: St. Louis has selected defensive end Adam Carriker. Carolina now is on the clock. I have them selecting safety Reggie Nelson in my mock draft, but we'll have to wait and see.

2:44 PM: We have our first trade. The Jets have moved up and will probably select a cornerback. You could tell something New York-related happened with the loud roar from the crowd. Mort didn't know what to do after he heard the crowd.

2:47 PM: The Jets gave up their 1st, 2nd, and 5th round picks in exchange for the Panthers' 1st and 6th round picks.

2:52 PM: Here comes the Jets' pick. Will it be boos or cheers?

2:53 PM: The Jets have selected Darrelle Revis, a cornerback from Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is now on the clock and could also be picking a CB, which would be Leon Hall.

2:58 PM: The Steelers draft Lawrence Timmons. Timmons is a solid linebacker from Florida State that has been on the rise for quite some time. Green Bay now goes on the clock. They could also be after Leon Hall. Could this be Brady Quinn's destination? Probably not, but nothing would surprise me anymore.

3:09 PM: Calvin Johnson won't be traded as he is in Allen Park and I believe has been introduced or at least is present at a press conference.

3:12 PM: Green Bay selects Justin Harrell and Packers fans don't like it. I would agree. This isn't that great of a pick considering some of the other players out there, but Harrell is a solid player nonetheless. Jacksonville is now on the clock.

Updates for the rest of the first round will be posted here. I made a new post to move the more recent live-blog up to the top of the page. So make sure to check that post out for updates.

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