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What to Expect Today

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Today may go down as one of the biggest turning points or failures in Detroit Lions franchise history.  With the #2 overall pick, the various options are out there to improve this team greatly. On the opposite side of things, one bad trade or one bad pick and we're once again back to square one.

Based on everything I've heard and all of the rumors going around, here's what I expect to happen today:

  • Detroit will take all of its time on the clock before making an announcement of what will happen with the #2 overall pick.

  • The Lions will entertain all options, meaning that most trades will be considered.  In the end, if the right deal is in place, they will go for it.

  • Don't be surprised if Calvin Johnson is the pick.  That's actually what I am expecting at #2 if no trade happens and he is on the board.  Also, if C.J. is taken, don't be shocked if he is still later traded to Tampa Bay or Atlanta for example.

  • Trades will probably happen outside of the first round.  Detroit has stockpiled on picks this year and can now move up in a round if necessary due to the extra selections.

  • Mike Williams could be gone by today's end.  There has been talk that Tennessee has a great interest in acquiring BMW, so that will be part of trade discussions later on in the day I would imagine.  I'm sure Detroit could squeeze a second-day pick out of the Titans, but moving his contract would be expensive, so we'll have to wait and see on that matter.

  • Matt Millen will be looking at everything this year.  If Detroit falters again next season, then this could be Millen's last draft, so bet on him doing things a bit more careful this year.  I'm not saying he won't do something wrong as chances of that happening are slim, but I do expect a better draft than year's past.
My official plans to cover the draft are not set in stone.  My general plan though is to live-blog the first round and then periodically check back in with updates every so often until the first day ends.  Then on Sunday I plan to do the same thing.  Detroit picks second in the fourth round, so right out of the gates there will be news on Sunday.

The live-blog should get started just before Noon, so plan to check in then to discuss everything.

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