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Pride of Detroit's 2007 NFL Draft Live-Blog (Round 1, Part 2)

Pride of Detroit will continually be analyzing and discussing everything draft related throughout the day in this live-blog.

3:17 PM: I am continuing POD's live-blog in a new post to move the previous one down the page. The updates will be in this post for the rest of the second round.

3:23 PM: Denver has traded up to the #17 pick. I would expect someone like Jarvis Moss to be selected here, which means defensive tackle Alan Branch really could be falling here.

3:26 PM: Here's the details of the most recent trade. Denver gets Jacksonville's first-rounder and in return, the Jaguars get Denver's first-rounder, third-rounder, and sixth-rounder.

3:27 PM: Just as I expected, Denver has taken Jarvis Moss. Cincinnati goes on the clock and probably will be looking in the direction of Leon Hall.

3:30 PM: Jeez. The Red Wings are losing 2-0 after just five minutes in against the Sharks. Not looking good them. At least the Pistons have a chance to sweep Orlando today.

3:35 PM: The Bengals have selected Leon Hall. As a Michigan fan, I'm glad to see he was finally drafted. Now he just better not act like his new teammates in Cincinnati. Tennessee is now on the clock.

3:49 PM: Tennessee surprises everyone and drafts Michael Griffin, a safety from Texas. This is a surprise due to the fact that it was expected the Titans would go the route of a WR. What this does tell me is that Mike Williams probably will be traded to Tennessee either today or tomorrow. With another WR coming to Detroit, someone has to go. The Giants are now on the clock.

3:55 PM: Three teams are believed to be looking at a way to trade up to draft Brady Quinn. Right now it appears that those teams are Cleveland, Miami, and Detroit. It would have to probably be done before Kansas City goes on the clock at #23.

3:57 PM: The Giants have selected Aaron Ross. This is a good pick. Ross is a cornerback from Texas and is a solid player. Jacksonville is now on the clock. My prediction is that the Jags will draft Reggie Nelson. However, if any trade is going to happen to get Brady Quinn, it may have to be right now.

4:04 PM: Jacksonville takes Reggie Nelson. Now is where things really get interesting. The Cowboys are on the clock right now and the Chiefs are the next team to make a pick. If Quinn falls past both of these two teams then could he actually fall to the second round? I don't think he will, but then again, I would've never thought we'd still be talking about where Quinn will be drafted in hour four.

4:17 PM: Cleveland has traded up to pick #22 and will draft Brady Quinn. The picture of Quinn in Browns gear as a 4-year old now means something. Wow.

4:18 PM: What a draft for Cleveland. I'm interested in finding out what the details of the trade are, but the Browns made out like bandits depending on what they gave up. At the #3 pick, Cleveland was going to pick between Joe Thomas and Brady Quinn. Well, they got both. Great job Cleveland.

4:22 PM: The details of the trade are out. Dallas gets Cleveland's second round pick of this year's draft and their first round pick in 2008. If Cleveland ends up with a top 10 pick or something like that than you'll obviously second-guess the move a little, but I like what they did.

4:24 PM: This actually is a blessing in disguise for Brady Quinn. Although he will lose a lot of money by falling to #22, he gets to play for the team he wanted all along. On top of that, he'll have Joe Thomas to block for him whenever he does step in as the starter.

4:32 PM: Kansas City has selected Dwayne Bowe, a WR out of LSU. The Patriots are now on the clock for the first time in the first round. As you probably know, New England has another first-rounder with the #28 pick.

4:46 PM: New England's pick is in. They milked the entire clock, but have decided to draft Brandon Meriweather, a FS from Miami (Florida). Carolina is now on the clock. Greg Olsen could be the pick here. Some had Olsen going to Carolina at #14, so the Panthers may have been very smart to trade down because they pick up a couple extra picks and still could get the player they wanted.

4:55 PM: Carolina picks Jon Beason, an OLB from Miami (Florida). Philadelphia now goes on the clock. We're nearing hour five of the draft already. Unfortunately, that's only half way through day one.

5:00 PM: Dallas has traded back into the first round at pick #26, probably to draft a wide receiver. Details coming up.

5:02 PM: Philadelphia got Dallas' second, third, and fifth round picks. Looks like a pretty good deal for the Eagles.

5:06 PM: I hope Detroit doesn't draft a QB in the second round. They have to go defense in my opinion. Depending on who is available, the Lions have to target at DE, MLB, or CB. There's a lot out there QB-wise and right now, Marinelli has to get some of those defenders.

5:07 PM: Dallas has drafted defensive end Anthony Spencer. He's a great player. Joe Thomas talked very highly of him and he's versatile. With so many defensive ends off the board, I would doubt Detroit takes one at #34. New Orleans is now on the clock.

5:14 PM: The Red Wings just tied the Sharks at 2-2 in the 3rd period. Let's Go Wings!

5:20 PM: New Orleans drafts Robert Meachem, a wide receiver from Tennessee. I'm surprised NO went the route of a receiver, but it gives them another potential weapon on offense. New England is back on the clock.

5:32 PM: New England has traded out of the first round. San Francisco is the team that traded back into the first round. Let's see the details of the trade and who they will draft.

5:34 PM: The 49ers have selected Central Michigan offensive tackle Joe Staley. Baltimore is now on the clock. I'd expect the Ravens to draft a lineman as well. Still waiting on details of the trade.

5:36 PM: If Detroit doesn't decide to draft a QB with the #34 overall pick, then two names to keep note of are CB Chris Houston and MLB David Harris. It appears both will not be taken before Detroit is back on the clock. This isn't a shocker or something like that with Harris, but Houston was a first-rounder in most mock drafts.

5:41 PM: New England gets a 2008 first-rounder next year and a fourth-rounder this year from San Francisco. That's a pretty good deal for NE. On SF's side, it's good to get a player like Staley, but is always dangerous to get rid of a first round pick in future years.

5:44 PM: Baltimore selects Ben Grubbs. Grubbs is a guard from Auburn. Good pick by the Ravens. This puts the Chargers on the clock. Will we see another receiver get drafted?

5:47 PM: Good day for Detroit playoff teams. The Pistons just swept the Magic in Orlando and the Red Wings just beat San Jose 3-2 after a late go-ahead goal. The Wings now head out west to San Jose for games three and four.

5:57 PM: It's a wide receiver, but not the one I expected. San Diego has selected Craig Davis out of LSU, making it the fourth Tiger to be drafted in the first round today. Chicago is now on the clock as we near the end of the first round. Detroit should be back on the clock in the next half hour to forty minutes.

6:01 PM: Chicago's pick should be TE Greg Olsen. Someone that has really fallen is Alan Branch, DT from Michigan. At one time he was predicted to be a high top 10 pick, but it appears he will fall out of the first round.

6:04 PM: Greg Olsen is the pick. It hasn't been announced yet, but he was shown putting on a Bears hat. Indianapolis will be on the clock once the pick is official, wrapping up the first round.

6:11 PM: The Olsen pick is now official. Indy goes on the clock with the final pick of the first round. Detroit will be on the clock soon. I'm thinking Chris Houston or David Harris from a personal standpoint. What will they actually do? I'm afraid it could be a QB, which is not the right pick at this point.

6:20 PM: The Colts have taken Anthony Gonzalez. I've seen him play many times being a Michigan fan and actually think he is a better receiver than Ted Ginn. Either way, the longest first round in NFL Draft history is finally over, 6 hours and 20 minutes later. Oakland is back on the clock, followed by the Lions again.

Updates for the second round will be posted here. I made a new post to move the more recent live-blog up to the top of the page. So make sure to check that post out for updates.

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