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Pride of Detroit's 2007 NFL Draft Live-Blog (Round 2)

Pride of Detroit will continually be analyzing and discussing everything draft related throughout the day in this live-blog.

6:27 PM: The second round is underway and already has a trade to discuss.  The Cardinals moved up to #33 by trading with Oakland and drafted Michigan defensive tackle Alan Branch. Detroit is now on the clock.

6:28 PM: Detroit has traded down with Buffalo.  I have no clue on the details, but this may hint that the Lions want to move down to draft a QB.

6:30 PM: Oakland received an extra fourth-rounder from Arizona to allow the Cardinals to move up to #33. Buffalo has drafted Paul Posluszny with the #34 pick they got from Detroit. We're still waiting on details from the Buffalo-Detroit trade. All I know right now is that Detroit has moved down to #43.

6:35 PM: Detroit got a third-rounder from Buffalo to move down to #43. I'll tell you if this was a good deal or not when I see who Detroit drafts at #43. I do like this to stockpile more picks. This may allow Detroit to move back into the second round if they felt it necessary to as they do have four fifth-rounders and now an extra third-rounder.

6:44 PM: All picks from the first round can be seen here. You can keep up-to-date on the second round here.

6:58 PM: I can't keep up with everything. Here's what happened since the last update. Tampa Bay drafted Arron Sears. Philadelphia shocked everyone and drafted quarterback Kevin Kolb from Houston. I'm glad it wasn't someone else due to the fact that Detroit will probably take a QB, but I don't get it at all. I could see the Eagles getting a QB in a later round, but so early in the second doesn't make sense, especially Kevin Kolb. Either way, there was more action after that. San Diego gave up a third and fifth round pick this year and a third-rounder next year to swap second-rounders to draft Eric Weddle.

7:00 PM: Oakland drafted Zach Miller, a TE from Arizona State. This was actually who Oakland drafted in the second round of the SB Nation Mock Draft.

7:06 PM: Justin Blalock goes to Atlanta. More importantly, John Beck has been picked by Miami. Beck was believed to be one of the Lions' main targets in this round. Detroit will be back on the clock soon, so will it be Trent Edwards or Drew Stanton? Heck, could it be David Harris or even Chris Houston? As I said earlier, I don't think taking a QB is a good choice at this point, but if Detroit is going to select one they'd have to do it now.

7:09 PM: There has been yet another trade. Atlanta has moved up to #41.

7:15 PM: Now I see why Atlanta traded up. The Falcons selected CB Chris Houston from Arkansas. I had him listed as a potential pick for Detroit, but that won't happen now. I personally would like to see the Lions draft David Harris, but I would bet on it being either Trent Edwards or Drew Stanton. They're on the clock following San Francisco's pick.

7:22 PM: Indianapolis traded up to draft OT Tony Ugoh. Detroit is now on the clock and will draft Drew Stanton. Not what I would've liked to see in the second round, especially since he's from Michigan State. Oh well, I do hope the Lions can trade back into the second round to address at least one of the defensive needs.

7:37 PM: I'll be periodically continue this live-blog as the things to talk about is much less now that Detroit appears to be done in this round for the time being. If anything big happens in regards to a trade or something else related to Detroit I'll have an update.

7:47 PM: The Jets traded up in the second round and drafted MLB David Harris. There goes any hope of Detroit making a move for him. As far as MLB, there are still a few good players out there. If Detroit doesn't move around any more then I could see Justin Durant or Branden Siler being the pick. Obviously that assumes either is available, but at least MLB is a deep position. Also look for a CB to be targeted.

7:54 PM: Scratch another target off the list. The Jaguars have selected Justin Durant, who was just mentioned above as a hope to fall to the third round. Durant isn't that known since he played his college ball at Hampton. The list of MLB's is quickly shrinking.

7:57 PM: Adam Schefter is reporting that the Lions will trade Josh McCown since Drew Stanton is now on board. No surprise there. Maybe Detroit could get an early day two pick out of someone.

7:59 PM: I was just looking over a list of all the trades today and noticed that Indianapolis gave up a 2008 first-rounder in order to trade up to select Tony Ugoh. I'm not so sure about that. Good move by San Francisco.

8:25 PM: **BREAKING NEWS** The Lions have traded quarterback Josh McCown and wide receiver Mike Williams to the Oakland Raiders in exchange for a fourth round pick. With both players being apart of the deal I thought Detroit could get more, but I'm just glad a deal did happen. McCown doesn't need to be here with the Stanton pick. Then BMW was on his way out anyways. With so many third, fourth, and fifth round picks, I wonder if the Lions will try to move back into the second round if they see a player they like. I do expect a trade or two more from the Lions before this day is over. There has to be a reason to stockpile so many picks.

8:54 PM: Detroit is now suddenly on the clock after trading up to New Orleans. Stay tuned for the pick and details of the trade.

8:55 PM: Detroit has selected Hawaii defensive end Ikaika Alama-Francis. I still want to see the specifics of this trade, but I like the move nonetheless. Alama-Francis is a tough football player and fills the need at defensive end. Now Detroit needs to take care of needs at MLB and CB. Branden Siler and Buster Davis are both still available at MLB. Marcus McCauley, who I selected with Detroit's first second round pick in the SB Nation Mock Draft, is also still undrafted.

9:09 PM: Detroit definitely is moving around. They have traded up to the #61 pick and are now on the clock. Expect a MLB or CB to be taken here. Still haven't learned the specifics of the previous trade. Stay tuned.

9:10 PM: The Lions have selected safety Gerald Alexander from Boise State. I'm not too fond of this move. Alexander is a decent player, but there are better ones out there right now, especially if you're going to move up.

9:12 PM: Detroit gave up a third and fourth round pick to move up to pick #61. Gerald Alexander is a good player, but I don't like it. Also, Detroit gave up a third round and fifth round pick to move up to #58 to get Ikaika Alama-Francis. After sorting through this, Detroit now has one fourth-rounder and three fifth-rounder remaining I believe. Apparently MLB and CB isn't that big of a concern.

9:19 PM: I'm not too familiar with Gerald Alexander, but apparently Marshall Faulk said on the NFL Network that he thinks Alexander will be moved to cornerback. If that's true, Alexander is a good pick due to having versatility. But if you're going to take someone and move them to CB, then just take a CB.

9:23 PM: The second round is finally coming to a close. Detroit has traded both of its third-rounders away, so I'm heading out for a while to take a break from everything. 9+ hours of watching the draft is tiring, so unless something big happens regarding Detroit, thanks for checking in today and I'll be back tomorrow for day two. I plan on having a post up reviewing day one of the draft and will keep you updated on tomorrow's happenings. Again, thanks for reading and Go Lions!

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