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Pride of Detroit's 2007 NFL Draft Live-Blog (Day 2)

Pride of Detroit will continually be analyzing and discussing everything draft related throughout the day in this live-blog.

11:00 PM: Day 2 of the 2007 NFL Draft is about to begin. I'll be checking in periodically again just as I did with the third round yesterday. If something big happens or anything Lions related then I'll post about it. Something that is pretty big already today, the Raiders have traded Randy Moss to the Patriots for a fourth round pick. I guess New England likes receivers just as much as Detroit does.

11:06 PM: The Los Angeles Raiders are on the clock. Oops, maybe there's something we don't know. A mistake with the very first pick of day 2, this could be longer than I expected.

11:09 PM: Oakland selects Michael Bush. Bush would've been a first-rounder had it not been for an injury last season, but he falls to the first pick of the second day. Detroit goes on the clock soon, so don't go anywhere.

11:21 PM: Detroit is now on the clock with the 105th pick. I'd hope it is defense, but we'll see.

11:27 PM: The Lions have selected A.J. Davis, a cornerback from North Carolina State. I'm glad they addressed the need at cornerback, but one is still there at MLB. Detroit's next pick is #139 in the fifth round. That is barring a trade of course.

11:51 PM: According to Tom Kowalski, Calvin Johnson is going to throw out the first pitch at the Tigers game today.

12:05 PM: Detroit has made another trade. This one moves the Lions up to #117 to draft offensive lineman Manuel Ramirez.

12:19 PM: The Lions actually gave up their first two selections in the fifth round to move up to pick #117, so they now only have two picks remaining. Detroit's next pick is #158 in the fifth round and then the last pick of the draft, #255.

1:47 PM: Detroit's next selection is coming up soon. H.B. Blades surprisingly is still on the board, could he be the MLB Detroit drafts? I really have no idea who the Lions would select at this point. Most of the names out there now I've never heard of.

1:54 PM: Detroit is on the clock again. Stay tuned for the pick.

1:56 PM: With the 158th pick, Detroit has selected linebacker Johnny Baldwin from Alabama A&M.

2:01 PM: Baldwin is apparently a MLB, but there isn't much out there on him right now.

6:02 PM: The Lions are about to go on the clock to pick "Mr. Irrelevant." That is the final selection of the entire 2007 NFL Draft and will wrap up the weekend.

6:07 PM: Detroit is on the clock with the final pick of round 7 of the 2007 NFL Draft. Hey, this guy gets a parade and a tailgate party, so it makes up from being drafted by the Lions.

6:08 PM: With the 255th pick of the 2007 NFL Draft, Detroit drafts cornerback Ramzee Robinson from Alabama. Robinson is now Mr. Irrelevant and the final rookie to be added to the Lions' 2007 draft class.

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