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McCown Trade Rumors Picking Up Steam

There have been some rumblings lately of Lions quarterback Josh McCown being involved in a potential trade with the Oakland Raiders.  Although the deal doesn't make much sense, it is getting some mention recently.  Specifically, John Clayton discusses the rumors.

Oakland has entered into trade negotiations with Lions backup quarterback Josh McCown, who signed with Detroit last season with the idea of being a starter, but he lost his job early to Jon Kitna. Instead of pouting and sulking, though, McCown was a model teammate to a point where he helped out when the Lions needed someone to run some wide receiver routes.

The Raiders have only Andrew Walter and Josh Booty as their main options at quarterback. McCown fits because he's had starting experience and he's mobile in the pocket. Plus, he has a strong arm for downfield throws.

Clayton also goes on to discuss the possibility of the Lions trading down with Tampa Bay (just as I did in the SB Nation Mock Draft).
What will be interesting to see is if the Bucs can work a trade with the Lions for the No. 2 pick on April 28. The Bucs draft fourth in the first round and clearly would like to land Georgia Tech wide receiver Calvin Johnson. The Lions would like to drop back from No. 2 and acquire a draft choice. It would be hard for Lions general manager Matt Millen to draft Johnson because he's drafted a wide receiver in the first round three consecutive years. Two of them didn't work out. The Lions also don't seem to be interested in taking Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn at No. 2.

I like the last line the best as you all probably know by now that I don't want to see Brady Quinn drafted by the Lions at all.  Either way, I sure do hope Matt Millen can work out a trade.  Picking up extra draft picks is a big plus for Detroit's situation.

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