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Detroit Wants Its Money Back

Knowing how Lions fans must feel after watching a game in person, Detroit wants its money back. Wide receiver Charles Rogers, a former #2 overall pick taken by Detroit in the 2003 NFL Draft, was cut last September right before the season started. It ended a relationship that was just bad on both sides from the start.

From his beginnings as a Lion, Rogers had his problems. At the start, the problems were injury related. Despite great play in the first few games of the season, a broken collarbone ended Rogers' rookie campaign. Then, in his second season, the exact same injury occurred, knocking him out for the entire season again. By his third season, Rogers had more problems than just being injured. He was suspended for four games after a third violation of the NFL's Substance Abuse Policy.

Upon his return, the Lions basically had enough of Rogers for good. By the time training camp came and went, the inevitable result of the first wide receiver draft bust became a reality as he was cut. Although he is long gone from the NFL now, Detroit wants a refund. A $10.184 million refund that is.

The Lions filed a grievance against Charles Rogers trying to get back that amount of money as it is being claimed that there was a clause included in his contract stating that he would have to pay some of his signing bonus back if a violation of the substance abuse policy occurred. Since it did, Detroit is acting upon the original contract.

The problem for Detroit is that the NFLPA is fighting the grievance based on the collective bargaining agreement. An arbitrator was supposed to resolve the situation last Thursday, but due to a scheduling conflict, the meeting has been rescheduled for a later date that hasn't yet been determined. If the Lions win this grievance, then that money will help ease the salary cap in years to come.