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NFL News & Notes: "Hi-bocce"

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  • A few Lions players headed out to a charity bocce ball tournament last week and the trash talk even carried over from the football field to the, um, whatever field bocce ball is played on.  Roy Williams had a couple of great comments:
    Do you think you have got better or worse since last year? Well, I am the bocce ball champ of the world. I don't think I can get much better.

    Since Terrence left... are you just kind of going against everybody? No, I'm kind of like the Tiger Woods of bocce ball. There's nobody that can play with me.

    No word yet if Williams has adopted Gilbert Arenas' classic "hi-bocce" phrase after winning.

  • Some of the NFL blogs here at SB Nation have put together a small market roundtable designed to discuss some of the hot topics in regards to playing in a small market.  The Lions aren't necessarily a small market team persay, but after all of the hell Matt Millen has put the fans through, it is beginning to look that way.  Last week's topic was relocation, which really didn't concern me very much since the chances of that every happening to the Lions are about as good as a Super Bowl title every coming to this city.  Tomorrow's topic however is new stadiums, and POD will be the host.

  • ESPN has now stepped foot into the NFL blogosphere with its own blog titled Hashmarks. It'll be interesting to see where this goes, but you can definitely tell that blogs are here to stay.  Even ESPN is jumping on the bandwagon.

  • I'm going to give you my opinion on the Mike Vick dog-fighting situation later this week, but until then, Vick ought to take notes from Titans rookie Michael Griffin on how to raise pit bulls.

  • My thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of Patriots defensive end Marquise Hill.  Hill was found dead after he went missing following an accident with his jet ski on Lake Pontchartrain.  This is a tragic event and an even more tragic loss as Hill was such a great person.

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