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Draft Review: Day 2

The second day of the NFL Draft was somewhat eventful but also confusing. Detroit started out with quite a few picks but ended up with four selections after making a trade. Let's take a brief look at every pick.

#105 - A.J. Davis (CB, N.C. State):

Detroit's first pick of the day was to fill a need at cornerback. I figured Detroit would help it out a bit on day 1, but the Lions really didn't go that route. Instead, the needs at CB were taken care of on day 2. Davis is a solid player that probably will be able to contribute somewhat this season considering there is a lack of depth at CB.

#117 - Manuel Ramirez (OG, Texas Tech):

The Lions traded two of its fifth-rounders to move back into the fourth round to draft Manuel Ramirez. This pick adds to the log-jam at the offensive line position, although Zach Piller was released today after just being signed recently. Ramirez will probably battle for a backup role, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him on the field regularly at some point this season.

#158 - Johnny Baldwin (LB, Alabama A&M):

This pick was surprising. Not many have heard the name Johnny Baldwin before, but from everything that I've read, he is a very good player. At first, I thought Baldwin was a middle linebacker, so that made sense as he would fill that need. However, I've seen him listed as an outside linebacker more recently, so I'm not exactly sure. Either way, he'll add depth to the linebacker position as a whole for the time being.

#255 - Ramzee Robinson (CB, Alabama):

Mr. Irrelevant 2007 is Ramzee Robinson. The Lions' final pick was the final pick of the entire draft, which means that whoever is selected gets the honor of Mr. Irrelevant. Robinson is a pretty interesting player. He is actually a former rapper and has been associated with T.I. before. He played football at Alabama and will now hope to do the same with the Lions next season. Robinson a bit undersized, so I'm not exactly sure if he'll be able to make the team, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Day 2 Grade::

I'd have to give the Lions a B+ for day 2 of the draft. There were many good picks that selected players who could be classified as sleepers. The names aren't that recognizable, but I think the players chosen will have a great chance at making the team and maybe even getting onto the field in 2007.