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Lions Rookie Mini-Camp Underway

Rookies for the Detroit Lions took the field today for the team's first mini-camp of the offseason specifically in place for rookies.  This gives the coaches a chance to evaluate the players they have as well as to look at others that have hopes of getting signed.

The entire list of players that are apart of the mini-camps can be found here.

If you look at that list, you will notice that there are quite a few rookies trying out for the team. Many are local guys that I recognize from Michigan, so we'll see if anybody from nearby makes the team.  As far as undrafted free agents goes, here is a list of players under that category:

QB Phil Horvath (Northern Illinois)
WR Terry Moss (Ball State)
TE Rodney Burgess (Coastal Carolina)
TE Cooper George (Georgia Tech)
TE Rudy Sylvan (Ohio)
LB Pinknie Hardiman (Southeast Louisiana)
K Kenny Byrd (New Mexico)
P John Deraney (North Carolina State)

The drafted rookies that were picked nearly a week ago have chosen their numbers.  Drew Stanton is sticking with his the #5 that he wore in college and Calvin Johnson is going to wear #81.  That number belonged to Mike Williams in the offseason since the Lions made him switch to that from #88.