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Now the Offseason Gets Boring

Free agency, mini-camps, and the draft have all passed as we now enter the part of the offseason that may put some to sleep.  There will be news popping up every now and then, but for the most part, it gets tough to find topics of discussion during this time of the year.  Training camp doesn't begin for a couple of months, and until then, the storylines take a back seat.

Currently, we are four months away from the start of the 2007 season.  That is a bit too early to start previewing anything, but I will start to look ahead sooner or later here on Pride of Detroit.  

The rest of the sports world in Detroit is providing lots of excitement at least.  The Red Wings are in the Western Conference Finals after defeating San Jose and the Pistons are up 2-0 on the Bulls after two blowouts.  On top of that, the Tigers are on an 8-game win streak and continue to play great.  

As far as posting in the next month or two, I'll try to get at least one up each day.  Don't count on that to happen, but I'll make the effort to by talking about things going on in the NFL in general. Once we hit June, the news will slowly start to come in again and we will be fine until the season begins.  Make sure to keep it here at Pride of Detroit throughout the offseason for any breaking Lions news.