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Catching Up: SBN Adds New NFL Blogs, More Culpepper Speculation, and More

Welcome back!  My vacation is over and it's time to get back to posting here at Pride of Detroit. I'm finally out of school, meaning that I'll have much more time to post as the season gets closer and closer.  I'd say once training camp starts up in a month or so, the regular daily posting schedule will be back.  At the same time, though, I'll probably take a few days off at times to enjoy the time away from school simply because I'll be able to relax.  Regardless of all that, let's get into the news.

  •'s Peter Schrager believes the Lions are the #1 team when it comes to who makes sense to land Daunte Culpepper. When the news broke that he would be traded or eventually cut, the Lions quickly surfaced as a team to look at. Since then, however, that has quickly faded away and it looks as the chances of him going to another NFC North team are better than him coming to Detroit. I won't get into it too much, but for right now, let's just keep this under the category of "unlikely to happen."

  • SportsBlogs Nation has added two new NFL blogs, bring the new total up to 30 blogs that cover an NFL team here at SBN.  With that, we as a network are only two blogs away from finally fulfilling the goal of having every NFL team represented.

    In the meantime, the two new additions are Canal Street Chronicles (Saints) and Baltimore Beatdown (Ravens).  Make sure to check out each blog to help welcome their new authors to the network.

  • The last Lions team to win a championship will be honored during halftime of the Bears game on September 30 at Ford Field. The 1957 Lions are the last team to bring home a football title to Detroit, and as apart of their 50th anniversary, will be recognized in front of the home crowd.
  • Mr. Irrelevant 2007, better known as Lions cornerback Ramzee Robinson -- or is it the other way around? -- will get to celebrate the honor of having that title this week. He will receive the special treatment as apart of Irrelevant Week that features the perks of being the 255th person drafted. And who says getting picked last is a bad thing?
  •'s Peter King has to be a closet Lions fan. That would be the only reason to explain how he ranked Jon Kitna as the 9th best QB in the NFL. From a "how many yards can you throw" standpoint, Kitna is right up there. But to put him 9th overall, that's pushing it. King's reasoning is that Kitna will be "one of the 10 most productive quarterbacks" this coming season. While that may be true, it better equate to more than 3 wins this time.
  • I don't like Governor Jennifer Granholm very much. Further proof behind that reasoning comes from the news that a 6% sales tax may soon be placed on tickets bought in Michigan. That includes tickets to sporting events. As it is right now, tickets are more than expensive. Fees are tacked on to most ticket purchases already, so a sales tax definitely isn't needed. I don't want to get political on here, but take the personal seat license some season ticketholders have to pay for at University of Michigan football games. That is just to keep your tickets and then you have to pay for each ticket for each game. The added costs are enough already. For more information on how you can voice for opinion on this matter, go to
  • Finally, some site news. I plan on doing some housekeeping of POD in the coming weeks, so if you see some messed up links or things that look half done in the sidebar, that's the reason why it'll look like that.