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What's Up with the Water in Allen Park?

Last week, Jon Kitna made comments that received national attention because they were so far out there.  Kitna said that the Lions would win more than 10 games next season, leading most to think he was crazy.  For those that follow the Lions closely, this wasn't too shocking because Kitna said Detroit would win 10 games back in March.  The recent statement was just that it would be over 10 now.

Following a similar path, Mike Furrey made a similar statement, making me wonder if there is something wrong with the water in Allen Park.

"Right now, on paper, we look like we should win 10 to 12 games, easily," Furrey said Tuesday.

I'll guarantee the Lions don't win 10 games next season (I'm really reaching aren't I?).  That isn't too hard to say when the chances of the Lions even reaching 8-8 are pretty low.  Regardless, note that Furrey included the words "on paper" in his comments.  That is exactly correct.  On paper, this team should win 10-12 games each year.  The talent is there.  Problem is, something causes that to not happen and instead we're left talking about a 3-13 season.  At least one Furrey is thinking logically though.
Furrey understands if you roll your eyes and say, "Here we go again." When he came home from an off-season workout and told his wife, Koren, the Lions were going to make the playoffs, she said, "Well, you said that last year."

ZING!  It's come to this?  The players are being made fun of by their wives now?  Hopefully it'll add some motivation for next season.  Plus, I can't really be too hard on Mike Furrey since he was one of the biggest surprises all last year.  Hopefully his second season in Detroit is just as good.