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Ramzee "Mr Irrelevant" Robinson Agrees to Contract with Lions

The last player selected in the 2007 NFL Draft is now the first rookie to agree to a contract with the Detroit Lions.  Ramzee Robinson, dubbed most commonly as "Mr. Irrelevant," was the 255th pick in the draft this past April, selected by the Lions.  Actually, Robinson just celebrated that tile last week out in California.

Robinson continued his string of celebrations into this week as the news came out that he has agreed to a 3-year contract with the Lions.  The contract is expected to be signed next week, making him the first Lions rookie to officially have a contract.

Many are predicting Robinson won't make the team when the final cuts are done before the season starts, but for right now, he is a Lion.  Personally, I am hoping he has the skills to make the team, but his lack of size may prevent that.  It'll just be a question of if he can find a role that fits in with the Lions.