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NFL News and Notes: Catching Up (Again)

Apologies for the long absence, but the school year is winding down and I've been pretty busy. Also, since the news is slow to come in, there isn't too much to talk about right now anyways. Look for things to pick up more in a month or so as training camp draws closer.  Until then, here are some notes from around the NFL.

  • Former Lions receiver Johnnie Morton has taken up Mixed Martial Arts since leaving the NFL and made his debut this past weekend.  That is, if you can even call it a debut.  Morton was KO-ed after only 38 seconds and had to be taken off on a stretcher.  I know he wants to fight Matt Millen, but after seeing a video of the beating he took, I think I might put my money on the G.M.

  • Bears defensive tackle Tank Johnson was suspended for the first 8 games of next season after just recently getting out of jail.  The suspension can be reduced to 6 games if certain conditions are met.

  • Another Bengals player is in trouble again.  What else is new.

  • Mark Cuban and a few other investors are going to try and start a football league that will "rival" the NFL.  I laughed at the idea of anything rivalling the NFL when I first read this story, but I think it might have a chance.  Cuban certainly is going to try his hardest to make the UFL (name of the league) work, but we'll have to see.  I think if it is done correctly than it will survive the XFL effect, but I really don't expect too much competition from it.  If anything, it would be best to play in the spring when the NFL is in the offseason. Then I could really see it working out.

  • The Mike Vick dog-fighting investigation continues to get deeper and deeper as time goes on.  From all of the reports that are out there, all I can say is that if true, Vick should be thrown in jail.  Anyone that fights dogs like that is nothing more than a complete scumbag.