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Detroit Interested in Trading for Daunte Culpepper?

Quarterback Trent Green finally received his wish and was traded to the Miami Dolphins for a conditional 2008 draft pick.  This trade now leaves another QB as the odd man out.  Daunte Culpepper made it clear that if Green was acquired, he would want to be traded or released, and it appears that one of those two will happen in the near future.

As of right now, Miami is trying to trade Culpepper for a late draft pick on the second day in 2008. Although nothing has really become public,'s Adam Schefter reports that four teams may have interest in trading for Culpepper.

Possible destinations for Culpepper according to NFL personnel men that speculated on the matter still include the Detroit Lions, the Jacksonville Jaguars, the New England Patriots and the St. Louis Rams.

I find it interesting that Detroit is mentioned, but would not be completely shocked if this progressed.  Detroit's quarterback situation right now is a limited one.  After Jon Kitna, the backup job will go to Dan Orlovsky or rookie Drew Stanton.  There isn't a whole lot of experience there in case of an injury or something like that, so bringing in someone like Culpepper could help that problem.  At the same time, it could just complicate things more than they need to be. Acquiring Culpepper would leave Kitna looking over his shoulder and would especially make the fight for second string a fierce one.

Rod Marinelli has made it clear that Kitna is the starting quarterback, so trading for Culpepper would do two possible things: 1) Provide an actual competition for the starter's job if the team struggles and make Kitna work even harder than he did before or 2) Cause some controversy throughout the team if sides are taken.

My opinion on this is that if you could get Culpepper for a 7th-rounder, go for it.  I won't ask the question, "What's the worst that can happen?"  For Detroit's luck, Culpepper would suffer another injury and basically lose a 7th round pick.  But again, Culpepper would add more depth to a relatively weak position.

Keep an eye on how this turns out in the next week or so.  One last thing to think about when considering Culpepper in a Lions uniform is if he would even want to come here.  If he was traded to Detroit and just sat on the bench, then why not go to New England and sit on the bench for a Super Bowl-caliber team?  We'll have to see where this one goes.