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Kitna Just Can't Stop Talking

I'm at a loss for words due to the recent comments of Mike Furrey and Jon Kitna, but Kitna definitely isn't.  After saying the Lions would win more than 10 games this season, the Lions QB has now focused his attention on the statistical part of the game. Kitna made these astounding comments on ESPN Radio's "Mike and Mike in the Morning" last Friday:

Asked how many touchdown passes he will throw this season, Kitna replied: "We've been joking around as the passing-game crew -- the receivers and tights ends and stuff -- we've been breaking down our little huddles saying '50' and all that stuff.

So Kitna thinks he can throw 50 TD passes, which is 1 more than the NFL record Peyton Manning set a couple years ago.  I know he's got targets like Roy Williams and Calvin Johnson, and the Mike Martz offense to help the cause, but come on, 50 touchdowns?  At least he's giving me something to talk about, but someone needs to get a muzzle for this guy.  

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