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Training Camp Starts This Week

It's hard to believe, but training camp is beginning already.  Lions players report on Wednesday and then the first practice is on Thursday.  Only yesterday it seemed like I was reviewing the NFL Draft, but suddenly the preseason is just around the corner.

I know that posting has been lesser than usual lately here at Pride of Detroit, but that should change now that training camp is almost here.  Once it does get underway, I'll provide reports as I did last year on anything that happens each day in a list-type of way.

For some of you out there that have season tickets, you will be able to see what's going on at training camp with your own eyes.

For the first time in six years, the Lions will open training camp to fans.

It is more of an invitation to preferred guests -- primarily season-ticket holders -- than a general open-door policy. Lions management is using this year's camp as a test to see how fans can be accommodated in larger numbers in future seasons.

Players report Wednesday, and camp begins Thursday with double practices at 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at the team's Allen Park headquarters. The first nine days of practice, through Aug. 3, are open to fans. There are two practices every day.

I think opening up training camp, even if it is only for the first nine days, is something great for the fans.  Hopefully it goes well this year so more fans will have the chance to attend training camp in the future.  I know I would take up that opportunity because it would be an awesome experience. Fans were actually able to see the Lions practice at Ford Field last year, as it was open to anyone that wanted to come in and watch, but that won't be happening this year.  The Lions instead will practice at a local high school, which I imagine will be open to the public.

Getting back to what you will see here on Pride of Detroit in the coming weeks, I will also be renovating the look of the site.  It won't be anything drastic, but I'm finally going to upgrade the sidebars to put in more information that all of you readers can use.  Whether it be links to other football-related sites, schedules, standings, or a depth chart, I hope to put all of those things on this site.  It will take a couple weeks, so bear with me.

As far as content that will be on POD in the next month, I'm going to start previewing the season in August.  Preseason will be starting, but the regular season will still be all that we think about, so I'm going to run through the Lions schedule, make my predictions, and hope to provide another fantasy football preview just as I did last year.  

Football season is coming faster than you think, so keep it here at Pride of Detroit, thanks for reading, and Go Lions!

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