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Training Camp Notes: Players Report

It's July 25, which holds one important meaning for Lions fans: players have reported to training camp.  The first official practice isn't until tomorrow, but regardless, football is here again.  Over the course of training camp, I'll provide daily notes noting anything going on, whether it's on the field or off it.  Since training camp sort of began today, let's get right into it.

  • Another rookie down and four to go.  The Lions signed the team's first fourth-round pick yesterday, cornerback A.J. Davis.  Davis was inked to a three-year deal with the team, and now will be able to participate in training camp.  With this move, the Lions now have all three of its second-round picks and of course, Calvin Johnson, left to sign.  I would expect the second-rounders to all get a deal done in the next 24 hours, but possibly even this afternoon.  Calvin Johnson on the other hand, we'll probably be waiting a while.  Hopefully a deal with the #2 overall pick of the draft can be done by the end of the weekend.

  • During training camp we will see quite a few transactions.  Whether it is signings, cuts, or moving a player to the PUP (injured) list, all will happen.  That flurry of moves got started already yesterday, as offensive lineman/tight end Dave Pearson was released.  Pearson played college football at the University of Michigan and actually made his way on to the active roster at the end of last season after spending most of the year on the practice squad..

  • Even though the criminal case alleging charges of sexual assault against Lions defensive tackle Shaun Rogers was thrown out, a civil case will follow.  Geoffrey Fieger's law firm will represent the dancer who accused Rogers of various inappropriate acts.  I would imagine that Rogers will have to open up his checkbook for this case.  A criminal trial can only go through if he is proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, but in a civil suit, the same expectation doesn't exist.  Basically, the two parties will settle before this thing goes very far or both sides will just let it play out.  Either way, I foresee Rogers having to pay up.

  • The Detroit Free Press has put together a list of the Lions' training camp roster.  Right now, there are around 85+ players included on the roster, but by the end of the preseason, that will be down to only 53.  As you can imagine, many players are in training camp on a pipe dream of hope that they will make the cut and go on to play in the NFL.

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