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This Is Why I Hate William Clay Ford

Lions owner William Clay Ford talked to the media as training camp got underway, and from the comments made by Ford, I truly hate him.  He ruined the Lions franchise by hiring Matt Millen and allowing him to make a countless number of absolutely idiotic decisions, but that problem could've been fixed by simply getting rid of the man in charge.  Instead, it appears we may never be Millen-less, even if the Lions went 0-16 every single season.

"I didn't say 'You're safe, don't worry about it' in so many words. But, by the same token, I never intimated to him that he wasn't safe. It was business as usual,'' Ford said. "He never outwardly expressed any doubt in his mind or anything like that, like 'Well, you know, I may be gone next month, or next week or tonight.'''

Ford said that he vaguely recalls a point where Millen was willing to offer his resignation if that's what Ford wanted but Ford said he dismissed the idea.

"He may have, it wasn't a big issue because that wasn't really in my plans,'' Ford said. "He well may have, I can't remember any occasion or verbatim talk we had about it, but I think your premise is correct.''

This man-love that Ford shows for Millen is utterly ridiculous.  Ford could've fixed this without firing him since Millen was actually somewhat willing to resign.  Seriously, anybody that tries to keep Matt Millen around as their G.M. after 6 straight double-digit loss seasons shouldn't be allowed to run an NFL franchise.  But wait, it gets even better.
When asked if Millen was in jeopardy of losing his job last season, Ford said: "No, because I could see right off that they were compatible and, to me, that was very, very important. I know Matt's philosophy and as the year went on, I got to know Rod much better and I could see where they'd mesh and you don't want to break up a combination like that. I know the papers and everybody dwelled on the number of losses but I didn't really pay any attention to that. I thought we were on the right track and I thought they were good together. Yeah, OK, the past is the past but we're on a different course now.''

Let me get this straight, the owner of the Detroit Lions doesn't pay any attention to how many times the Lions lose.  Even though the team got dominated nearly every week last season, Ford didn't even give a damn about it.  WTF!

I now realize why Millen never was fired, William Clay Ford is crazy, an absolute nut job.  All I can say is the sooner he's gone from being near the Lions the better, because until then, Matt Millen will never be fired, and if he ever fully attempted to resign, Ford would even prevent him from doing that.  

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