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Still No Deal for Johnson

The weekend has passed and there still is no deal in place for #2 overall pick Calvin Johnson.  Not helping the matter any is the fact that #1 overall pick JaMarcus Russell doesn't have a deal either. That means negotiations are moving slowly.

I originally said that I would expect something to be agreed to by the time the weekend was over. Obviously, that prediction was wrong, but I still think it'll get done soon.  Even though Calvin Johnson is a great player and all, he needs to be in training camp with his teammates.  It doesn't hurt as much as a quarterback missing training camp, but regardless, he needs to be practicing.

While on the topics of signing players, it doesn't look like Simeon Rice will end up in Detroit after all.  Rice has been contacted by a few teams already and actually is visiting the Giants today if I remember correctly.  I can understand why Detroit wouldn't want him since he is getting near the end of his career and the injury-factor, so we'll just have to let it play out.

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