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Training Camp Notes: 8/14, 8/15

  • Fullbacks Keith Belton and Alan Ricard and punters John Deraney and Micah Knorr were placed on the injured reserve by the Lions.  You probably remember that Deraney was the one that kicked the onside against Cincinnati that set up the go-ahead touchdown to give Detroit the victory.

  • Speaking of that game against Cincinnati, you also probably remember that the Lions threw for nearly 500 yards.  Helping the yardage number go up, wide receivers Shaun McDonald and Troy Walters both had a great game that puts them at the top of the preseason rankings for WR's.  McDonald had more receiving yards (146) than any other player in Week 1 of the preseason and Walters had more receptions (8) than any other player.

  • Yesterday was the Lions' final day in the "two-a-days" format of practice.  Training camp actually officially ends on the 19th, but they already are starting to get into a practice schedule more like what it will be like in the regular season.

  • Still no changes to the PUP list, as WR Devale Ellis, RB Kevin Jones, and DT Shaun Rogers all are still stuck on it.

  • While on the subject of Kevin Jones, let's talk about where he stands as far as getting back on the field.  Last week, there was a report that circulated around stating that Jones would miss the first six games of the season.  The Lions vehemently denied that, basically saying that the report was completely false.  Although there isn't news that says Jones will be back in time for the season opener, Mike Martz is optimistic at least.
    Lions offensive coordinator Mike Martz is optimistic running back Kevin Jones will return for the regular-season opener Sept. 9 at Oakland.

    "I think we're all optimistic about that," Martz said Wednesday. "I think Kevin is, too. We'll see. It doesn't mean he is. He's making good progress, and we're all anxious to have him back."

  • Former Lions and current Falcons starting quarterback Joey Harrington disliked Detroit a lot since Detroit disliked him so much.  He reflected on his stay in the Motor City and didn't have any good things to say.
    Joey Harrington told that he received death threats while in Detroit and that games got so bad, he had to take his family out of the stands because fans wanted to fight his mother.

    "I've gone through very extreme cycles," the former Lions quarterback told the Web site. "There was a year or two where I would have to wear a baseball cap to make it to my flight on time. And then on the other end, I'd have to wear one because I was scared to go to the grocery store without a baseball cap because I didn't want somebody to accost me outside the citrus aisle.

    "I got that very, very rarely to my face. I got a lot of people who would leave notes. I got a couple of death threats on my voicemail. It got to the point where I had to take my family out of the stands because people were trying to start fights with my mom.

    "But I learned to take it in stride. What happened in Detroit is I let other people determine my happiness. When I start letting Joe Fan in row 32, seat E tell me if I'm a good person, I got issues."

    The losing definitely gets to people after a while, so don't take it too personally Harrington. You just happened to be the QB at the time.  Trust me, if the Lions fall flat on their faces again this year, Kitna will probably get a similar treatment.

  • Eddie Drummond is concerned with whether he'll be on the roster when the season starts.

  • A team from the new All-American Football League has struck a deal to play its home games at Ford Field next spring.

  • The NFL launched its brand new website this week and already it is much better than the previous version. It has a nicer look and lots of video, meaning for a better expereince when visiting the site.
  • I know I keep saying this, but I still really haven't had time to play Madden enough to review it yet.  Hopefully some time tomorrow I can get a review up to let you all know my thoughts on it.

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