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Roger Goodell Visits the Lions

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was in Allen Park yesterday to tour the facilities and to meet with players, coaches, and team officials.  He also held a press conference and talked about a few things regarding the Lions.

On meeting with Coach Marinelli and Lions players...

I also spent about 15 minutes with Coach Marinelli this morning, which was a wonderful experience.  By the time we got done I was ready to go out and play myself.  He's really got a tremendous attitude, a positive attitude and the expectation of winning.  I think you can sense the difference in this franchise and this program of the expectations to win and to create a great franchise here, and I think that's wonderful.  And when I had a chance to meet with the players a little later on, I had that same sense -- that the players wanted to win, the players expected to win, and that there was an optimism they were going to win.

On Shaun Rogers' legal troubles a couple months ago...
Well, we were aware of it.  We were aware of the reports.  We monitor all of the activity that is going on.  We try to deal with the facts, and the facts did not substantiate that a charge would even be brought.  I think that Shaun has obviously learned a lesson from that, and hopefully he'll make better decisions about where he's at and when he's there.

"Many times there's a rush to judgment. Shaun Rogers' case might be a good example of that. It depends on the circumstance and understanding what the charges are, if there are charges. Whether there's a history. We have put a particular focus on the personal conduct on repeat offenders. And that's what we really focus on. If an individual makes a mistake, we want to make sure that individual has a chance to have their day in court and, you know, be a penalty from that from the criminal justice system if there is one. The league will operate and obviously take their own action.

On Joe Cullen...
He was suspended by the team and the league. He paid his price, I saw him in June when he was coming through New York to participate in a youth camp. I think he recognized that he had some issues he had to deal with and he's dealing with that. We're not perfect. Individuals make mistakes and I think he's recognized that and he's turning his life around. I'm frankly proud to see what he's doing.

On if the Thanksgiving Day game would ever leave Detroit...
We have no plans to change that.  I expect to be here on Thanksgiving Day myself.

Goodell is in Cleveland today to continue his visit of training camps.

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