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Mike Vick Suspended Indefinitely by NFL

Mike Vick's plea agreement was filed in court earlier today, and not too long after, the NFL suspended him indefinitely.  Vick admitted to helping in the killing of 6-8 dogs earlier this year that weren't "up to standard" in the dogfighting world.  He also admitted to funding the purses put forward in the dogfights, but specifically said he wasn't gambling.  You can describe it any way you want, but come on, it's pretty clear he was probably doing a little more than just funding these things.

Moving on from what the plea agreement says, let's talk about the NFL's decision to indefinitely suspend Vick.  I absolutely applaud commissioner Roger Goodell for suspending Vick.  Although the commissioner still has to deal with just how long that suspension ends up being, at least right now we can get rid of Vick from the NFL for now.

The very question that comes to mind is if Vick will ever return to the NFL.  I would almost guarantee a team would take a chance on him if he still has the skills to play, but the real question is if he will be allowed to play at all.  Although Vick denies gambling in this whole matter, I'm sure Roger Goodell doesn't see it that way.  Plus, Goodell was lied to by Vick back in April when this whole thing about dogfighting first really started to pop up.

In this country, second chances are not rare at all.  For Vick, that second chance will be hard to give, but I would be willing to bet it is in the end given.  I could easily see Roger Goodell ban Mike Vick from the NFL for life, but who knows.  So much will change by this time next year for Vick that anything could happen.  Prison could change him, and at the same time, nothing could be different after he's released.  

All I know is that since Vick is going to be an informant for the government, he has more important things to worry about than football.  Namely, watching his own back.

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