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BREAKING NEWS: Drew Stanton Out for the Season

Originally thought to be a minor tweak of his knee, quarterback Drew Stanton had surgery earlier this week and was expected to be out only 2-4 weeks at first.  Something big has changed though, as Stanton was placed on injured reserve and is now out for the entire 2007 season.

Stanton injured his right knee during a non-contact drill while dropping back to pass. The knee swelled up, and Stanton had it checked out. He said later the swelling had subsided and was awaiting word as to when he could return to the practice field. But that all changed when Stanton experienced more discomfort and was taken in for surgery.

It's the same knee he injured with Michigan State on special teams. However, doctors said the injuries were unrelated.

When Detroit drafted Drew Stanton with a high second-round pick, I had mixed feelings.  Those are more than justified now as Stanton won't even see the field for the entire season.  Talk about hampering your development.  Missing this much time will hold the former Michigan State QB back quite a bit.

I wouldn't feel so bad about this pick if it would've come later in the draft, but unfortunately, the second player selected by the Lions will sit on the sideline for an entire season.  Talk about a waste.