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Training Camp Notes: 8/6

  • There wasn't a lot going on yesterday during training camp.  As usual, the morning session was a full squad practice in pads.  The afternoon session, however, was only a walkthough.

  • No word yet if the Lions plan on holding any more public practices.  Yesterday's morning session was moved inside due to bad weather and therefore was closed to the public. Hopefully the Lions will open up a couple more so the public has a chance to get a look at the Lions.

  • Mike O'Hara got to the bottom of why there were no decals on the Lions' practice helmets. As it turns out, the reason is simply for motivation purposes and is only happening with the practice helmets.  When Detroit plays its preseason opener on Thursday, the helmets will look just as they usually do.

  • Former NFL Europa QB J.T. O'Sullivan is currently the Lions backup.  He has been taking snaps as the #2 guy and it appears has an edge over Dan Orlovsky.

  • Thursday's preseason game against Cincinnati has been blacked out.  Since the Lions didn't sell enough tickets, the game will now be shown on delay two hours after the actual time of kickoff.  The game is still going to be on CW 50, but it will not start until 9:30 rather than 7:30.  The pregame show starts at 9:00.