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Training Camp Notes: 8/7

  • The Lions only practiced once yesterday and were stuck indoors due to bad weather.  That left fans without the chance to watch the practice since it was in the training facility, so the Lions opened up practice today to make up for the rain out on Tuesday.

  • Running back Kevin Jones is slowly working his way back to full health and hopes to be the starter when the season opens against Oakland on September 9.  Jones will face not only his injury but also the competition of Tatum Bell, who joined the Lions after a trade with the Broncos.  Bell has a great chance of winning the starting job early on, especially if Jones isn't completely healed.  Although competition is good, it appears there is some tension between the two running backs.
    "I have to deal with competing for a job against him as a competitor," Jones said. "But when he says, 'It is mine,' that is when I have a problem. If I was 100 percent, it would not be a question. My goal is to come back and it (starting) won't be an issue. I am the better back and I will be the starter."

    I certainly hope that Jones does get back to being able to start eventually, but at least Bell is there in case he doesn't come back by the time the season starts.

  • Offensive lineman Damien Woody appears to have his head on straight after dropping a lot of weight over the offseason.  He slimmed down, restructured his contract, and now will be back on the field with a chance to start.

  • If you want to go to the Lions' preseason opener against Cincinnati tomorrow, you can still purchase tickets.  The game will be blacked out and shown on a 2-hour delay, so if you're hoping to see it live, then you still could.