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Can I Get a Do Over?

One of my favorite things in the NFL is fantasy football.  Each and every year I look forward to the draft and can't wait to get the season started to let the trash talking begin.  With what I thought to be two solid teams put together, I had high expectations for a title defense in one league and a tour of redemption in the other.  After Week 1, however, I want a do over.

Fantasy football completely owned me in one league and then just disappointed me in the other.  Let me explain.  The SB Nation league where bloggers from the NFL section of the network are included, I got completely smoked.  I really couldn't believe just how bad it is.  Windy City Gridiron took me to the woodshed by a score of 92-42.  Thank you, Drew Brees and Steven Jackson.  My top two picks did absolutely nothing and every one else decided to follow that trend.  I had one double digit scorer, and that was the San Diego defense/special teams.

My next opponent in the SBN league is Acme Packing Company, so I will hope to rebound from this joke of a loss to get to 1-1.  Maybe if Brees and Jackson and the others decide to show up I will have a chance.

In my other league, things didn't go nearly as bad, but the fact that I loss is just angering.  Before last night's games I was on my way to barely hitting 60 points, but after a few solid performances, I managed to get all the way up to 100.  Even though I got to the century mark, I still ended up losing by over 30 points.

Basically, Week 2 has to go better for my fantasy teams, otherwise I'm going to have to shake things up or pack it in early.  Obviously the latter is out of the question because I can't stand losing, but something may have to change.

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