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Jones Back for Philly Next Week?

One of the biggest questions involving the Lions since last year is when running back Kevin Jones will return from his injury.  There has been speculation for months upon months, but it appears we may finally have reached the point of return for Jones.

According to multiple sources, running back Kevin Jones has looked "awesome'' the last two days of practice and is expected to play next week against Philadelphia.

The coaching staff is waiting to see if Jones has any problems today with soreness or swelling after the two hard days of practice -- but none is expected. Jones, according to the sources, has been ruled out of Sunday's game against the Vikings because the Lions want to be cautious and not push the issue too quickly.

If Jones does return at Philadelphia, don't expect him to play a lot.  The Lions want to ease him back onto the field cautiously to prevent any other injuries.

Although Tatum Bell had a decent game against Oakland, getting Jones back would be great since the two can play in a number of roles.  Both Bell and Jones could end up splitting time if both perform well, or one could simply step up and prove himself over the other.  Either way, the Lions will be able to choose from two backs.

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