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Week 2 Fantasy Take: Making Progress

After a rough opening week in fantasy football, I rebounded in a big way in my Yahoo! league but continued to struggle on the CBS one with other writers from SB Nation.  First, let's talk about the Yahoo! league since it went perfect this week.

Scoring a whopping 145 points, I easily defeated my opponent by nearly 60 points.  The reason for my unusually large scoring output this week?  Look no further than Carson Palmer.  Palmer was apart of the shootout in Cleveland that racked up over 1000 yards total between the two teams and ended up having a final score of 51-45.  By scoring so many touchdowns, Palmer was putting points on the board for fantasy players, getting me 49 points.  That is the highest I've ever had from one player that I can remember, so it definitely put me in good shape.

Even if I didn't have Palmer, the rest of my team stepped up nicely in Week 2 as well.  Terrell Owens and Deion Branch had solid games to each hit double digit point totals.  Then at running back, Joseph Addai and Edgerrin James both played well, helping my team out.  I'm actually surprised that James dropped 20 points, but I like what I see for him this season.

Continuing down the lineup, kicker Jeff Wilkins and the Patriots defense both scored double digit points to make it a trend for my players this week.  The only two in the lineup that didn't perform well were WR Darrell Jackson and TE Eric Johnson.  Those are really my only two weak spots in the lineup, but with everyone else doing so well, it really didn't matter.

Moving on to the CBS league, I'd like another do over, only this time with the draft.  Right now this team just absolutely sucks, this week only putting up 72 points, which was good enough to get beat only by 40 points.  The bulk of the blame for doing so badly can really be spread around between a few players.  Drew Brees still is struggling, but even he got me 15 points, which was better than most on my team.  By far the biggest disappointment has to be Steven Jackson, who hasn't done anything either.  Once he and Brees get rolling things should look up.

The one position in my lineup that seems to be dragging me down the most has to be wide receiver.  Lee Evans and Donte Stallworth combined for only 2 lousy points in Week 2, contributing greatly for my defeat.  If everyone would stop sucking then this team could be solid, but right now, it looks destined for the cellar.  We'll have to see how I stack up against Daily Norseman in Week 3.  Hopefully the result has the Lions blog coming out on top of the Vikings blog just like the actual Lions won on Sunday.

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