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Kevin Jones Likely to Play Sunday

With the running game going absolutely nowhere right now, the Lions are hoping Kevin Jones can change that once he returns to the field after an injury.  Luckily, we'll get a look at if Jones can change that this coming Sunday.  

Kevin Jones is listed as probable against the Eagles on Sunday, but chances are he will play.  For obvious reasons, he will be limited if he does play, probably seeing only 15 to 20 snaps, but it's better than nothing.  No offense to Tatum Bell, but the running game is pretty sad.  I know the Lions have relied on the pass in the first two games of the year and are 2-0 because of it, but that can't continue all season long if they want to be a successful team.  Sooner or later passing all the time will catch up with them.

Look for Jones to just get a feel for things on Sunday if he does play.  If everything goes well and he doesn't get hurt again or something like that, then we should see the amount of work he gets go up in the near future.  I don't know if that'll help the running game drastically or not, but it definitely can't hurt it at this point.

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