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List of Final Cuts; Kevin Jones News

The shock from yesterday hasn't worn off yet, but I've got to find a way to get over the tragedy that now is Michigan football.  With that in mind, let's talk the Lions.  Who would've ever thought that our Detroit Lions would actually be less embarrassing than Michigan football?  Oh well, for right now that is the sad but true case.

Getting back on subject, the 2007 regular season begins a week from today for the Lions, and in preparation of the coming kick off, Detroit finalized its roster.  The deadline came yesterday to get that roster down to 53 players, meaning hopes and dreams of playing for an NFL team came to an end for many.  On the flip side of that, others now are living the dream of playing for an NFL team, even if it is the Lions.

The first thing I want to talk about before listing who was cut is the biggest surprise from this whole thing: Kevin Jones is on the active roster.  Jones was removed from the PUP list, meaning he is not out for the first 6 weeks of the year.  That is contrary to so many articles from the Detroit area papers, which is why this is so surprising.  In reality, the move doesn't come out of left field too much because the doctor that did the surgery on Jones only "recommended" that he stay on the PUP list.  With the lousy running game we saw in the preseason in mind, Detroit just decided to take a chance and put him on the active roster.  It doesn't mean he has to play, but chances are we will see him a lot earlier than originally thought earlier this week.

Getting to the players we won't be seeing, at least not any time soon, here is the list of who Detroit cut to trim the roster down to 53 players:

  • QB Phil Horvath

  • RB Aveion Cason

  • RB Anthony Sherrell

  • WR Ron Bellamy

  • WR Kevin Kasper

  • WR Cliff Russell

  • TE Darnell Sanders

  • TE Rudy Sylvan

  • OL Ben Noll

  • OT Clint Stickdorn

  • OG Barry Stokes

  • DE Claude Harriott

  • DE Justin Kurpeikis

  • DT Cleveland Pinkney

  • LB Donté Curry

  • LB Joe Lobendahn

  • CB A.J. Davis

  • CB LaMarcus Hicks

  • CB Dee McCann

  • CB Ramzee Robinson

  • P Micah Knorr
Also helping to get the roster down to the correct size was Frank Davis getting placed on the Injured Reserve.

Currently the official roster lists 54 players, but that will change tomorrow when the practice squad is established.

As part of the NFL International Development Practice Squad Program, DT Salomon Solano was signed by the Lions July 25 and is on the team's practice squad. He will be in addition to the eight-man practice squad allowed by the NFL when the team establishes that portion of their roster September 3.

Out of the group of players cut, two are cornerbacks from this year's draft.  That would be fourth-rounder A.J. Davis and "Mr. Irrelevant" Ramzee Robinson.

Stay tuned for a posting on the depth chart and more on the roster.

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