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Fantasy Watch: Week 1

NFL bloggers here at SB Nation are in two fantasy leagues for the 2007 season.  With 24 total bloggers participating, it was decided to split things up into 2 leagues just like they do in real life: an NFC one and an AFC one.  At the end of the year the winner of each league will meet in the Super Bowl to determine the best in the fantasy world here at SBN.

The NFC league, which I am obviously apart of, conducted its draft last week and I ended up with the #2 overall pick.  That worked out very well as I've put together a pretty good team.  Take a look.

QB: Drew Brees (Round 2)
RB: Steven Jackson (Round 1)
RB: Cedric Benson (Round 3)
RB/WR: Julius Jones (Round 4)
WR: Lee Evans (Round 5)
WR: Jerricho Cotchery (Round 6)
WR: Donte' Stallworth (Round 9)
TE: Owen Daniels (Round 16)
K: Neil Rackers (Round 13)
DST: San Diego (Round 8)

QB: Jake Delhomme (Round 12)
RB: DeAngelo Williams (Round 7)
RB: Reuben Droughns (Round 14)
WR: Isaac Bruce (Round 11)
WR: Mike Furrey (Round 15)
TE: L.J. Smith (Round 10)

I'm up against Windy City Gridiron in Week 1 and the spread is currently even right now. I'll fill you all in on how the match-up goes next week.