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Marinelli Says Rogers Won't Be Released

Last week defensive tackle Shaun Rogers was the subject of speculation regarding his future with the Lions.  Rogers was rumored to be on his way out of Detroit because of ongoing weight problems that have plagued him for the last few years.  The weight problem didn't seem like an issue for the first half of the 2007 season as Rogers was a force on defense, but the final 8 games was a complete 180.  It really seemed like Rogers wasn't even there for most of those final 8 games, and even when he played somewhat decent, he wasn't effective at all.

The biggest problem with Rogers is that he can't stay healthy or conditioned.  When he was feeling good in the first 8 games, Rogers' play was just amazing.  Once the season went on, though, he just got worn down and couldn't even stay out on the field for more than a couple plays at a time.  It's things like that that have put his name in the rumor mill for being traded or released because he is the complete opposite of what a "Rod Marinelli guy" should be.

Rod Marinelli has given Rogers some wiggle room with his weight and conditioning problems in the past, and it appears that will continue into the 2008 season.  Despite the rumors we heard last week, Marinelli is saying that Rogers will not be released, although all trade talk from other teams will be listened to.

Rogers, whose conditioning has been an issue, will not be released, Marinelli said Wednesday.

"No -- no way," Marinelli said in a telephone interview from his office in Allen Park. "He's too good a player. The amount of 'splash' plays he made last year was special.

"When he's humming, so is our team."

This is probably the best way to handle this complicated situation.  If a good enough deal were to be offered to trade for Rogers, then I'd hope the Lions strongly consider it.  In the meantime, releasing him just doesn't make sense as it creates another need on defense and means the Lions wouldn't get anything in return.

Also mentioned in the article the above quote came from is that Roy Williams will not be traded - at least not before the 2008 season.  Marinelli commented that the Lions are expecting a big year from Roy, so hopefully those expectations are met.

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