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Martz Hired by 49ers, Calls San Francisco "A Much Better Situation"

Mike Martz was fired a week or so ago by the Lions, but wasn't unemployed for very long.  He was hired by the 49ers earlier this week and is hoping to turn around one of the league's worst offenses.  

Speaking of that offense, you would think someone going into a situation like that would be at least a tad worried considering the 49ers' offense did rank so poorly in comparison to other teams in the NFL.  Well, Martz doesn't seem to be losing any sleep over that, and actually thinks what he's got in San Francisco is better than what he had in Detroit.

In an interview with reporters in San Francisco on Wednesday, Martz was asked if the 49ers' situation is "comparable to what you inherited at the Lions?"

"Oh, no," Martz replied. "This is much further along. This is totally different. This is not even close. This is a much better situation."

When he says that San Francisco "is much further along," I'm wonder what exactly he means by that.  I'm thinking that he's inferring that the 49ers' offense is in better shape than Detroit's despite having such a rough season, and that really speaks volumes about his stay as a Lion.  It sounds like there are some hard feelings between Martz and the Lions, but as Martz says, this is a better situation.

I'm not necessarily talking about the 49ers' offense compared to the Lions', but instead mean that for Martz, it is better for him to be in the Bay Area.  In Detroit, he clashed with other coaches constantly and never seemed to be very happy.  As long as his stubbornness doesn't get in the way in San Francisco, I think things will work out well for both him and the team.  Plus, with a running game that includes Frank Gore, maybe he will actually have a reason to utilize it as San Francisco's offensive coordinator.

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