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Lions Notes: Lions Fans Like to Drink... Responsibly

  • posted a couple of interesting tidbits.  The first is Matt Millen's record as Lions GM, which is now down to 31-81.  That's right, 50 whole games below .500 and he still has his job.  And that job... Well, he's getting paid pretty well to drive an NFL franchise into the ground.  As Fire Millen points out, he apparently was the highest paid GM in football before Bill Parcells was hired by the Dolphins.  I wish my job will be like that someday.  Get paid top salary to completely stink at what I do.

  • Ernie Sims received one vote for the AP NFL All-Pro team, and was the only Lion to receive that small honor.

  • Adrian Peterson took home the AP Offensive Rookie of the Year honor, finishing ahead of Joe Thomas.  No offense to Calvin Johnson is meant by saying this, but what else is new?  Again, I'm not trying to criticize C.J. as that back injury really held him back (also Kitna being his QB helped out with that), but every year this sort of thing happens.  Usually we don't talk about how in hindsight things should have been different this quickly, but we're not even a full year removed from the 2007 draft and already it is starting to look bad.

  • Michael Rosenburg and Brian VanOchten rightfully hate on Matt Millen.

  • VanOchten also recaps five "unforgettable images of 2007."  Meanwhile, Tom Kowalski looks at the ups and downs of this past season for Detroit.

  • The St. Louis Rams fired two former Lions assistants.
  • Lions fans were recognized at the team's final home game for having such a large number of people pledge to be designated drivers. That shouldn't come as a shock considering lots of alcohol is needed to get through an entire Lions season.
  • Roy Williams said in an interview on WDFN earlier this week that he wants to "be right here," meaning that he wants to stay in Detroit. Next year Williams enters the final year of his contract, so that will definitely be a story to follow, and already rumors are starting to swirl.

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